Through our programs and community outreach events, the PFA STRONG Foundation is able to serve under-resourced student-athletes and families who do not have the financial ability to provide such advantages, making an impact on their lives long after they stop competing on the field.

Since founding the PFA STRONG Foundation in 2019, our primary goal has been to help players develop their talents and realize their dreams of competing at the next level. Our staff is passionate about the game of baseball and even more passionate about the opportunity to impact the lives of the youth who walk through our doors.

At PFA STRONG Foundation, we aim for a culture of giving back to our community, instilling a solid foundation of philanthropy into the youth who participate in our baseball programs and the youth we support. All participants are encouraged to participate in volunteer events, such as redoing a  eld, delivering Christmas presents to hospitals, or volunteering at our annual Jeremy
Giambi Memorial Tournament. In addition, as part of their scholarship, our recipients must give back to the community by volunteering at a community event.
We support the growth and development of student-athletes in the following ways:
• financial assistance to players, teams, and leagues,
• field rehabilitation in under-resourced communities,
• bringing young players to our PFA Baseball facility for instruction, camps, and games,
• providing remote video instruction to baseball players and coaches.

Our College Scholarship Program is pleased to grant $500 – $2000
scholarships to student-athletes continuing their academic and
baseball careers at the next level. We understand trying to fund the
extras can be stressful with our scholarships. We hope to alleviate
some of that stress.

We developed this program after our friend and PFA coach, Jeremy Giambi, tragically took his own life on February 9, 2022. We knew we could do something to identify and reach out to players in need.
With that mission in mind, we developed a program where student-athletes, friends, or family members can request mental health support. In addition, we have partnered with Dr. Tim Miller, a sports physiologist, to provide one-on-one counseling sessions.
This year we will be introducing seminars to combat the stressors of being a student-athlete for players and families to learn how to
identify the signs of mental crisis.

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