Who We Are

PFA STRONG Foundation is fully committed to helping support the student athlete on and off the field by providing financial assistance towards tutoring, SAT/ACT and programs that address and help teens deal with stress and suicidal thoughts. Our goal is to raise enough money to support multiple mental health programs and academic programs across the country and to provide scholarships to help pay for college and baseball development programs.

What We Do

PFA STRONG Foundation will also split the use of funds to support non PFA student athletes as well as students and families that do not have the financial ability to provide such advantages to tutoring. We hope to be able to make an impact for student-athletes’ lives long after they stop competing on the field.” We started the PFA Strong Foundation right before the COVID-19 pandemic, but were unable to begin raising funds as the pandemic began.

College Scholarships

Our College Scholarship Program is pleased to grant $500 – $2000 scholarships to student-athletes continuing their academic and baseball careers at the next level. We understand trying to fund the extras can be stressful with our scholarships. We hope to alleviate some of that stress.

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